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As we know from countless studies, anytime you exercise you’re helping your mental health. But here are more specific tips for you to link your physical fitness to your brain fitness:

  1. To start, know that anything that is good for your heart is also good for your brain!
  2. An aerobic exercise is perfect for both the brain and body. Not only does this improve the function of the brain, it also operates as “first aid kit” on those damaged brain cells.
  3. Morning exercises before you go to work spike your brain activity and ready you to fight off mental stress the entire day. Morning exercises also help you by increasing your retention of fresh information, enabling you to react better to complicated situations.
  4. When you are looking to alter your exercise routine, look for that activity which mixes coordination together with cardiovascular exercise like dance class. And wouldn’t you know it, Benefit Studio is starting a dance-fitness class for kids (sure, you can join too). Click here for more.
  5. Select circuit exercises when you like crunching time alone at the gym. These both quickly spike the heart rate and also will redirect constantly your attention. You can learn more about Benefit Studio’s circuit training classes here.
  6. When you’re mentally exhausted and ready to hit the wall, do a few jumping jacks. It’s a quick, easy way to reboot your brain.

Source: Our thanks to Health Wiki News for this information.


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