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I was able to go back to the gym this week to start up my workouts and it really got me thinking about how balanced I feel at this moment in time.  Each and every day is different but I am working on adjusting and enjoying the time with my daughter. But this wasn’t always the case…

After labor (which I will blog about later!) the journey really began. As we packed up our hospital room, I felt as if I were leaving a hotel. I wanted to start from the beginning and do it again. I didn’t want to leave. I felt like labor and delivery was such a bonding experience with my husband and we  made the best out of every situation.

I came home on a rainy Monday. I walked in the door and immediately knew nothing would ever be as it was when I left. Kyle and I walked in separately greeting our dog, Alfredo, before we introduced him to his new baby sister! We were now a family of three with a furry little puppy!

As we settled in I was overcome with raw emotion, and it came out of nowhere! I was never nervous to enter into motherhood, but the emotions I felt were just overwhelming joy and exhaustion all at once. Tears came uncontrollably (something I was not expecting!). My body felt great, our baby was amazing but the emotions took over.  Every emotion that could be felt, I felt.

Pregnancy was such a magical experience and gave me so much appreciation for all mothers (especially those that went natural!) It’s the most emotional experience I have ever had. After hours of waiting to meet the most precious bundle of joy, all of a sudden she had arrived and changed our lives for the better!

I hope when you read about my journey, take from it what you need. But realize we are all so different, so no matter what-prepare for the unexpected!


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