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  1. Labor and delivery was incredible. Between running around the house with my husband packing last minute things, to walking down the halls of the hospital as  he snap chatted, it was eventful. He was by my side the entire way. And seeing his face as Ivy was brought into this world was something I will never forget.
  2. When my milk came in-it hurt!!! I had this image of boobs just naturally filling with milk, no big deal. But I had no idea how painful it would be. It felt like waterfalls. Its amazing how hour 1 after breastfeeding your boobs feel one way, then flash to hour 4 and you look like you just got implants. It was an adjustment, that’s for sure!
  3. I thoroughly enjoy breastfeeding. This one came as a complete SHOCK! Some women have horrible and painful experiences, and I will say it is definitely not easy. Some days it is painful and some days I feel as though I am just her milk factory. But, knowing I am the one feeding my daughter through my own body is such an amazing feeling.
  4. Time no longer exists. Whether it is 11pm or 3am, it is just a number now. I am here for my baby; whenever that is.
  5. It take forever to leave the house. I plan on starting to get ready with Ivy 30-40 minutes before we have to go anywhere now. There are always surprises. Between her little farts, outfit changes, and feeding, I  never know exactly when I will be able to get out.
  6. Life slows down. When I am rocking Ivy, I just stare. I take a deep breath and think to myself “Why rush? What is more important than this right here?” I have really enjoyed taking the time to just cherish each little moment. Bath times, snuggles with my husband and Ivy and just normal life now
  7. Doctor visits are not very fun. Between Ivy having her tongue clipped and now all the dreaded shots, I can say the emotions are ones I was not anticipating. Sitting in a waiting room is completely different worrying about another little human being. Trying to be strong and hold back tears will definitely take some time for me!
  8. I enjoy singing to her. This one was another shocker! My mother always would tell me to read books and sing to my children. I always rolled my eyes; I do not have the best voice. But there is something so special about sitting in my rocking chair late at night while she is crying and just singing into her ear to calm her down. When she stops crying, the world pauses. There is such a special feeling I get by being able to soothe my own daughter; whether through rocking her, breastfeeding, or just holding her in my arms.
  9. I am comfortable and confident being a mother. I knew I always wanted children. I knew I had somewhat of a maternal instinct. But, when Ivy was born I felt like a different woman. I felt more nurturing. I felt more loving. I hope to only grow each and everyday to be the best mother I can for her.
  10.  I look at mothers in a whole new way, especially my own. It is absolutely incredible realizing what a woman’s body is capable of doing. But what is even more incredible is watching a woman take care of children. Whether you birth your child or not-being a mother is special. Realizing that my mother was in my shoes 28 years ago, going through very similar things is amazing. I often rock Ivy to sleep and think; my mother did this with me. She felt all of these new feelings, and experienced each day as I am. And I can tell you one thing; it makes me appreciate my mother even more. Her strength is something I admire and I only hope I can be as wonderful to our children as she was to me.

I am sure there will be so many more surprises to come and I cannot wait to share them all with you!!!

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