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The truth behind pregnancy cravings.

In my opinion “pregnancy cravings” are just plain cravings. Being pregnant doesn’t matter. Everyone has them. How we deal with our cravings is what’s important. And it is possible to satisfy your cravings even while pregnant, without going over board.

During my first trimester, all I wanted was pasta!I couldn’t get enough. I made my husband take me to Olive Garden just for the never ending pasta bowl. I definitely was “craving” all those delicious carbs, but I could have easily made some chicken and rice too. I didn’t feel bad about over indulging because I was growing a human. I’d reason with myself like, “I need more calories”, and “this will fuel her”. But the more I thought about it…was it? Was Olive Garden salad and buttery bread sticks the optimal fuel for my baby girl? Probably not.

As soon as I realized that I began to change my thinking. I started to eat like I had a purpose. I viewed food as the building blocks for creating Ivy. Every calorie I ate was important, they were helping her grow.

My second trimester was much better. I ate more fruit and drank water as much as I could. I indulged, don’t get me wrong, but not everyday. I had my sweet treats: brownies and halo top ice cream! The difference this time was that I made sure not to overeat; I’d stop before I felt sick or my tummy began to ache.

Before my third trimester I was warned it would be “the worst” as far as cravings go. I knew that weight gain would be rapid and inevitable, but I still wanted to feel some control. I continued to eat around 2000 calories a day and workout regularly. I had to remind myself to eat more consistently. I would try to not go over three hours without some kind of nutrition (which was very hard for me at times!). I continued to relate the food I was eating to my baby girl. “Would I want her to eat this as a toddler or a teenager?”.

There is a balance that must be found when it comes to cravings and staying healthy. It is difficult enough to stay in control when you aren’t pregnant! But after being pregnant, I learned how easy it could be to blame my cravings and bad eating habits on the pregnancy. It’s even easier to cave in when you add exhausting days and everything else that is out of your control. It is NOT easy to combat these cravings, but I PROMISE you can do it! Indulge and enjoy, but embrace the fact that each calorie you take in is building a precious gift!

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