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As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching I have to admit I am very excited to be celebrating my very first one! Becoming a mother has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life (cue the tears in my eyes!) I am so excited that Ivy is now in this world, and I am able to watch her grow up each and everyday. By becoming a mother I have more appreciation and admiration for all the mothers out in the world.

A friend once told me she was at a baseball game and she looked around the crowded stadium and thought to herself; each one of these people was created by a woman…how crazy is that! The strength of a woman is unreal. What a woman’s body is able to do is miraculous. But what is even more inspiring is the selflessness of moms, the sacrifices and the role models these women are for so many people.

I have to say my mother is my ultimate role model; now more than ever. Realizing she experienced everything I am going through with me years and years ago makes me have an even deeper love for her. She is the epitome of strength. She has taught me to love unconditionally and to live each day to the fullest. I hope that my Mother’s Day gift to my mom is to follow in her footsteps and be the best mother possible.


Cheers to you Mother’s! Go out and be the best Momma you can be!

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