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Let’s be honest, social media rules the world! People spend more time on their phones then ever before. I am guilty of it. But one thing I have noticed since having a baby is there is more pressure when it comes to social media. I feel as though I have to be completely put together in every photo.  I feel like Ivy has to be well posed and smiling. But that’s not reality now is it… MOMS!

One thing I appreciate and am thankful for in social media though, is people’s  honesty and transparency. I love looking at someone’s post or picture and being able to relate. I find comfort in knowing that not everything is perfect. At this stage in my life it is more important to read about what people are struggling with. But unfortunately that is not the norm when it comes to posting in our generation.

I am currently trying to find my own balance. Yes, to the world my pictures seem extremely cute and poised-but little do you know Ivy might have just had the biggest poopy diaper 5 minutes before and was crying her head off. Or I spent the morning worrying about work or my schedule and it brought me to tears. I want to share that, but struggle  because its not the norm. But in those moments when I turn to social media and read someone’s post that is going through something similar; it helps more than you know!  I want people to know it may not always be easy, but its well worth it!

I am a very optimistic and positive person (I give my Mom credit for that!). And I hope Ivy is the same. But I also want Ivy to know as well as all other Mommies out there that it’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to cry once in a while and feel overwhelmed…and it’s ok to share. You do not have to look perfect at every single moment. And I want women to know I greatly appreciate when they share about these hard times on social media…because in a way its comforting and encouraging.


Here’s to being more honest, open and accepting to my experience as a Mommy as well as others! Lets make a difference and help each other out!

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