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It’s all about time.  

Okay, I get it. Life is busy. My life is busy, your life is busy. We are all busy.  

I was talking to a guy at the gym the other day who said he wanted to get into the gym more often but just doesn’t have time.  Life is as busy as it gets for me right now. I have a wife and daughter; coach my daughter’s softball team; am partner in a contracting company as my full-time job, and I own a custom leather shop (nights and weekends). In between all the madness of normal life, I come to the gym three times a week.

You cannot be successful at anything if you don’t try.  I’m not saying that you will have success if you just “try”. But you certainly won’t find success if you DON’T try.  Trying is not Doing. Success requires Doing. Getting fit and getting healthy takes change, and that requires Doing something different than what you are doing now.

We all have the same 24 hours and our priorities are what sets the plans in motion. You must make time to go to the gym. You must make time to NOT eat Fast Food. Healthy foods are generally not found at the drive through window.  Neither of these options are convenient. It all starts with the plan, the scheduling of your time, and a few hours a week. I might be missing a few hours of TV or even sleep. But as my mom always says, “I can sleep when I am dead.”

My priorities are  getting healthier and getting fit, losing a few pounds and, oh yeah, living longer to provide for my family and if I am lucky, dancing at my daughter’s wedding. If that means a few hours a week working out, then I guess I’ll have to schedule the time on my priority list. I might be sore and tired, but no pain, no gain.

Life is worth it. And I want to live it all. – Eric S.


There is a cool thing that happens when you put “YOU” on that list of priorities. You gain a sense of empowerment that is reflected in your daily actions and feeling with all that life throws at us…

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