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Now I am starving…


I have talked about food already. I was just starting to get an appetite again, now I am STARVING! As I have been force feeding myself protein all day for weeks my body has been going through major changes in metabolism. I eat breakfast with my daughter each morning around 8:30 AM – by 11:00 AM I am hungry and by 11:30 AM, HANGRY! I eat my lunch and by 2:30, I am ready to eat again. At this point, I typically go for a Protein Shake. 5:00 PM, I must have a scoop of peanut butter to get me through until dinner around 6:30 PM and then by 8:00 PM, you’ve guessed it – hungry again!


As I have been stuffing my face with protein I have tricked my metabolism to kick it into high-gear. Instead of eating junk full of carbs, sugars and fat (that do nothing for you) I am actually fueling my body with lean, clean foods that burn fast. Now, I am told the pound should start to drop as well! Its finally coming together. The workouts with Angela are getting better and I am finding myself looking forward to the hard work. The goals are starting to seem reachable. As my journey has just began, it is really gaining steam! I have found ways to get my family involved on this health mission, whether it be nightly walks or morning bike rides. E. Stirnkorb


Your body is like your car, proper fuel to function correctly. As you begin a more active lifestyle you need the good nutrients and rich in proteins to aid in muscle recovery and growth! The more frequently you fuel your body the quicker your metabolism runs.  Giving your body that empowering drive to keep moving and now with the extra energy from all the proper “fuel” it’s pedal to the medal GO time!!


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