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That Moment…


This morning I weighed myself and I’m one pound from my first “Hurdle”.

I have been trying pretty hard to stick to my diet ,I  work out twice a week with Angie, (and she is no push over). We are doing a lot of physical labor at work and  I have been riding my bike in the morning. So I am focused and determined to make this a lifestyle and accomplish my original goal of losing weight and getting in shape.

Back to this morning, I say “damn it”!  My wife is showering, she asks “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.  I’m stuck. I’ve only lost  one pound in the last week and I need and want to make this happen” Frustration drips from my voice.

Then she says “But your body is changing and I can tell.”

Needless to say, that started my day on a high. How cool is it that my wife sees the change?  I mean seriously, she sees me every day and she can still notice it?


I know I’m making “gains” and dropping fat. But on the scale, (damn scale!) it’s hard to see. I have lost inches, a total of 1.25” around my gut. It will be nice for the pounds to drop as well.

But hey, my wife noticed!- Eric S.


It is a LIFESTYLE, not a race. Don’t gauge your worth by a number….












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