Pain or just a pain in the ass??

Sometimes you just have to do it!   They say “no pain, no gain” but I am certain they aren’t talking about real pain. Somehow, I hurt my knee. Not sure when or where I know just that it’s been killing me! I don’t think anything is actually damaged (no torn meniscus, dislocated knee […]

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That moment….

That Moment…   This morning I weighed myself and I’m one pound from my first “Hurdle”. I have been trying pretty hard to stick to my diet ,I  work out twice a week with Angie, (and she is no push over). We are doing a lot of physical labor at work and  I have been […]


Aaaaand Now I’m Starving

Now I am starving…   I have talked about food already. I was just starting to get an appetite again, now I am STARVING! As I have been force feeding myself protein all day for weeks my body has been going through major changes in metabolism. I eat breakfast with my daughter each morning around […]

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Eat More Beef

Eat More Beef! Eric Stirnkorb If you are following my blog, you will remember that I have made the decision to get heart healthy, loose some weight and get in shape. It has been about 2 weeks now and I am sticking to a regular routine. (I know two weeks is not a lot, but […]

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DIET- The Four-Letter Word!

(Week 1) March 16, 2018 I wish I could say I have the trim and healthy body I had when I got married to my beautiful wife some 12 years ago. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Over the last years, although I have a physical job (contracting and construction), I have always liked to […]