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That moment….

That Moment…   This morning I weighed myself and I’m one pound from my first “Hurdle”. I have been trying pretty hard to stick to my diet ,I  work out twice a week with Angie, (and she is no push over). We are doing a lot of physical labor at work and  I have been […]


Aaaaand Now I’m Starving

Now I am starving…   I have talked about food already. I was just starting to get an appetite again, now I am STARVING! As I have been force feeding myself protein all day for weeks my body has been going through major changes in metabolism. I eat breakfast with my daughter each morning around […]

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Eat More Beef

Eat More Beef! Eric Stirnkorb If you are following my blog, you will remember that I have made the decision to get heart healthy, loose some weight and get in shape. It has been about 2 weeks now and I am sticking to a regular routine. (I know two weeks is not a lot, but […]

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DIET- The Four-Letter Word!

(Week 1) March 16, 2018 I wish I could say I have the trim and healthy body I had when I got married to my beautiful wife some 12 years ago. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Over the last years, although I have a physical job (contracting and construction), I have always liked to […]


Pregnancy Cravings…

The truth behind pregnancy cravings. In my opinion “pregnancy cravings” are just plain cravings. Being pregnant doesn’t matter. Everyone has them. How we deal with our cravings is what’s important. And it is possible to satisfy your cravings even while pregnant, without going over board. During my first trimester, all I wanted was pasta!I couldn’t […]


Know When to Buy Conventional or Organic Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to buying organic versus conventional produce, the general rule of thumb is to invest your dollars in the generally more expensive organic versions of the “Dirty Dozen.” The Dirty Dozen is a list of foods compiled every year by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The list tells you which foods have the […]