About This Lesson

Angela, Emily, and Kelly each offer personal training session that are customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Ask any one of our trainers for more information.

Pricing Options
•  30 min: $40
•  45 min: $60
•  60 min: $75

Note: These prices may vary from trainer to trainer as well by the number of people being trained.


The Trainer

Emily Thomas
I always knew I would end up in the fitness world one day, but I am happy to say it happened quicker than I thought.
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Angela Gordon
I was never the gym class hero or the girl of athletic wonder skills, but as 10 years of bar-tending packed onto my hips and thighs, something had to give before my knees did.
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Kelly Amshoff
A certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Kelly specializes in HITT training and spinning. She's back home from Chicago and excited to get you fit.
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