About Hauna Laine

I’ve always been into staying fit but my passion for dance played a huge part in it. Starting at age five, I took classes in all styles of dance to be well rounded. In the fourth grade, I tried out for my studio’s competitive team. Each year I learned/ perfected at least 7-11 dances, working endless hours in the studio every day of the week. Dancing was my life but I loved every minute of it, from being in the studio to performing in front of an audience, going to workshops, or staying in a hotel every other weekend for competitions.

When I graduated, I continue to dance for a company at Miami University then went on to coach a junior high and high school dance team. I stumbled upon Benefit through a Groupon and fell in love with the boot camp classes. Before I knew it, I started teaching my own classes. As much as I enjoy working out for myself, I love motivating and challenging people to push beyond their limits. When I’m not in the studio, I enjoy painting (or anything artsy), discovering new restaurants, trying out other fitness classes, and preparing for my first half-marathon.


Kids Dance Party!
Tuesday 5:30pm - 6pm