About Angela Gordon

Welcome to BeneFit Studio!! Chances are you have came across this page because you have put your happiness and well-being on your priority list of things to do. I have been involved in the fitness biz since 2008, starting with wiping sweat of machines and cleaning locker rooms, gotta start somewhere! I had my first personal training client at an all women’s gym in Cincinnati and together we started perfecting my craft.

I have worked with a wide range of age and physical capabilities. From young athletes focused on a sport-specific goal to men and women just keeping that body in motion. Each Personal Training client is unique and a new learning experience for us both. If the thought of accountability or just a new outlook on your physical and mental well-being has crossed your mind, I encourage you to take that first step and reach out to a trainer, you will loose nothing by trying but may gain so much more than you anticipated!

I was never the gym class hero or the girl of athletic wonder skills, but as 10 years of bar-tending packed onto my hips and thighs, something had to give before my knees did. I started working out faithfully in 2008, picking up heavy things and putting them down became my passion and my way of life. I did my first Physique competition in April 2014. It was amazing, rewarding and extremely hard. The confidence that being strong and healthy brought to me was unlike any other feeling I’ve experienced.

I knew what I had to do — ignite that spark for others! I got my Personal Training certification and first did my time in a box gym and got a great opportunity to be involved in Corporate Wellness and group training. I was introduced to BeneFit Studio and made myself at home. I have two awesome children who are constantly challenging me to contests whether it be push ups, hill runs, jumps, and other random craziness. And I absolutely always want to win (hahaha). “Suns out, guns out.”


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