About Hauna Laine

I’ve always been into staying fit and my passion for dance played a huge part in it.

Starting at age five, I took classes in all styles of dance to be well rounded. In the fourth grade, I tried out for my studio’s competitive team. Each year I learned and perfected between seven and eleven different dance routines!  These included anything from solos and duets to large group routines.

I would call my dance studio a second home for the endless hours I spent there everyday of the week.  Dancing was my life but I loved every minute of it: Being in the studio, performing in front of an audience, going to workshops, and staying in a hotel every other weekend for competitions.

When I graduated high school, I auditioned  for a company at Miami University and was able to continue my passion for performing in front of an audience. After college I went on to coach a junior high and high school dance team for four years.

I stumbled upon BeneFit Studio through a Groupon and fell in love with the Bootcamp classes. Before I knew it, I started teaching my own classes. As much as I enjoy working out and staying fit, I love motivating and challenging people to push beyond their limits.

When I’m not in the studio teaching bootcamp classes, I’m teaching and inspiring children to express themselves through artwork. In my free time I enjoy painting (or anything artsy), discovering new restaurants and cities with my family and friends. To help myself grow as an instructor and trainer I love trying out other fitness classes in the city I’m visiting and learning new things.

I’ve recently became a runner and ran my first half-marathon in 2015. My goal before I am 30 is to run at LEAST 30 different races. I am VERY close to reaching that goal.