Emily Thomas Trainer Instructor Benefit Studio Cincinnati

Emily Thomas

I always knew I would end up in the fitness world one day, but I am happy to say it happened quicker than I thought.

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Angela Gordon Trainer Instructor Benefit Studio Studio

Angela Gordon

I was never the gym class hero or the girl of athletic wonder skills, but as 10 years of bar-tending packed onto my hips and thighs, something had to give before my knees did.

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Hauna Laine Trainer Benefit Studio Cincinnati

Hauna Laine

I’ve always been into staying fit but my passion for dance played a huge part in it. Starting at age five, I took classes in all styles of dance to be well rounded.

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Drew Ross Trainer Benefit Studio Cincinnati

Drew Ross

Fitness and sports have always come naturally to me. I have played just about every sport you can imagine and loved almost every one of them.

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Kelly Amshoff Trainer Benefit Studio Cincinnati

Kelly Amshoff

A certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Kelly specializes in HITT training and spinning. She’s back home from Chicago and excited to get you fit.

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Meriden Peters, Yoga Instructor, Benefit Studio

Meriden Peters

Meriden coodinates mental and emotional well-being programs for people throughout our region. She also teaches yoga and pranayama.

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